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Covid-19 affect on climate change

Covid-19 effect on climate change

March through May 2020 saw many countries enforce lockdown measures in response to the Covid-19 pandemic1. Due to decreased production...

deforestation debate

Deforestation Debate

The deforestation debate has been fiercely contended for decades, particularly regarding the Amazon rainforest. Since the election of Brazil’s right-wing...

ways to become more eco-friendly

Ways to Become More Eco-Friendly

Becoming ecologically friendly, or eco-friendly for short, isn’t nearly as hard as one might think. Going green can be done...

Top 10 Facts about Deforestation

Top 10 Facts about Deforestation

The following article offers 10 facts about global deforestation. Deforestation involves the large-scale removal of trees to sell the wood...

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